Saturday, July 23, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 07/22/16: Good Boring Day, Elks Club Burgers, Bonfire Up the River

1.  It was a low key day at Mom's today -- the house cleaner came in, Lura and Lyle headed back to Orofino, Mom finished her 48 hours with the heart monitor and Christy returned it to CdA, I got Mom's laundry done, and I went to the Humdinger and picked up Mom and the Deke burgers and fries. If this all sounds boring, it was the good kind of boring.

2. I raced out to Kingston and picked up Ed and the skies opened up and we drove through a good old North Idaho downpour to where Wanda and Sharon have property up the North Fork and sat in the Malibu waiting for the deluge to stop when my cell phone rang. I answered. It was Stu.

Stu: "Hi! Where are you?"
Me: "Up the river."
S. "No one's there."
M. "I know. It's raining."
S. "We're all at the Elks for burgers."
M. "Oh. See ya soon."

So Ed and I jetted down I-90 under a double rainbow to the Kellogg Elks Club and sat down at a round table with Stu, Joni, Wanda, Lars, and Goose for a couple of beers and the best cheeseburger and hand cut fries I've eaten in years.

3. Our party moved from the Kellogg Elks Club back up the river. Goose had a couple of Montana IPAs in his cooler, so I got to enjoy a Big Sky IPA and, later, I took a can of Double Haul IPA home.  I'll enjoy it as soon as possible.  It was great to see Danny and Sharon and sit in a circle around a crackling bonfire -- lots of great stories and getting caught up with friends I've know for practically my whole life.

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