Saturday, July 2, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 07/01/16: The Deke is A-OK, Readiness, The Lonely Cat DeAnna

1. The Deke called this morning from Brian's lake place on Lake Michigan and she's having a good time and I can tell the Diazes are having a fun vacation. Adrienne and Jack arrived in Chicago today and Brian picked them up at the airport and they joined in the fun at the lake and, later, Brian, the Deke, Hiram, Molly, and Adrienne all piled into one of Brian's rigs and headed out to Burn 'Em Brewing in Michigan City, IN.  Here they are:

 2.  I started making serious moves to get ready to fly to Chicago on Sunday -- mail held, rental car reserved, computer decisions made, and lots of thinking about what I'm going to pack.

3. Storms threatened Annapolis, so I decided not to drive over to work on our Sibling Photo Assignment #3 until possibly Saturday morning. As I've done every day this week, I checked up on the Diaz house and gave their cat DeAnna some company -- she gets very lonely and is all over me when I come in, rubbing against my leg, straining to be petted, eager to sit in my lap.  It's difficult walking out the door when I leave, knowing how she craves company, but her time of mostly solitude will end soon and she'll be surrounded by the boisterous activity of Olivia, David, and Ana and will soon feel the security of being a part of her family again.

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