Saturday, July 30, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 07/29/16: Heart Clinic Visit, Yoke's Shout Out, Gin and Plans

1.  Mom and I piled into her Malibu and entered into a zone of uncertain anticipation as we climbed the 4th of July Pass and buzzed around the north shore of Lake Coeur d'Alene on our way to the Kootenai Heart Clinic Northwest where we met up with Christy who was running errands in Coeur d'Alene.  In the exam room, we discussed what we knew: Mom's heart is experiencing atrial fibrillation. The forty-eight hours Mom spent with a heart monitor strapped to her last week gave the staff a detailed record of the atrial fibrillation and now there's a plan in place with medication to regulate her heart followed up with a visit with her cardiologist on August 19th to see how the medicine is working. Our hope is that this treatment will not only help Mom's heart function better, but alleviate her of the fatigue she's felt over the last several weeks.  Mom left the clinic happy to know this plan is in place and we hustled home, after she had some blood work done, so she could have some lunch and I could get her new medicine.

2. The pharmacy at Yoke's didn't have enough pills on hand to fill Mom's new order.  Let me digress for a second. This about the third or fourth time I've faced some kind of a problem at Yoke's Pharmacy and every single time, the people working there have been unfailingly helpful and cheerful. The pharmacist had enough pills on hand to dole out four days worth for Mom and I'll pick up the rest of the order on Monday afternoon.  The good service at Yoke's roused my gratitude for the superb service I've experienced over the last dozen years or so at Hiron's on 18th in Eugene, at the Target near Groveton in Alexandria, and at the Co-op in Greenbelt.

3.  After dinner, I strolled over to Christy and Everett's for a little gin over ice and discussed our plans for the next few days, especially because I get to go to Osburn for Bev Jacobs' 80th birthday party and take a trip to Worley for some food, drink, and reel spinning at the casino and see friends on Monday and Tuesday, if everything works out. I like to know what Christy and Carol are up to when I leave town and know that no one will ever be far from Mom's house when I'm gone.

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