Sunday, July 31, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 07/30/16: Mom's Status, Bev Turns 80, Yakkin' at the Redtail Bar and Grill

1.  The cough and sore throat that bothered Mom last week are improving, helping Mom sleep better and rest more comfortably. She started the new medication meant to address her heart problems and we are hopeful that her heart rate will slow down and she will be less tired.

2. I got to see Jake and Carol Lee today because Jake's mom, Bev, turned eighty years old and her family put on a celebration picnic at Gene Day Park in Osburn.  The turnout was really good, Bev was very happy, and, as Ed and I left, Jake and Carol and Alan's band was getting warmed up and putting out very good music.

3.  Ed and I took a trip to the CdA Casino and while we were enjoying the Redtail Bar and Grill's hearty beef stew, I fell into conversation with a guy about my age who had worked over thirty years ago on the construction of the Metro subway/train system in the Washington, D. C. and we discussed the impact of the system on the growth and improvement of the D.C. metro area.  As we talked, I felt dismay that the Metro system is having so many problems, because if that train system works well, it is a boon to all aspects of everyday life and the economic health of our nation's capital.  On a lighter note, I also learned about where my pal at the bar used to eat superb fried chicken and oysters in the south and east of Maryland.

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