Sunday, July 10, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 07/03/16: Leaving Greenbelt, Arriving in Chicago and More, Burn 'Em Brewing

1.  After I took the corgis over to the Diazes, I was able to enjoy, in peace and quiet, hustling around our apartment home and vacuum and clean things up in preparation for our return to Greenbelt. Around 11:15, Molly gave me a lift to BWI International Airport and everything went as smooth as fresh cream. I did one of my favorite things to do on a flight:  I composed a long(ish) handwritten letter to a longtime friend.

2.  I arrived at Chicago's Midway Int. Airport where nephew Bill Diedrich picked me up and we made the trip to Long Beach, IN fly by with intense dicsussion about everything from the Spanish Inquisition to Henry IV, part 1 to labor unions to Bill's prospects for employment now that he's finished with law school.

3.  Upon arriving at the Deke's brother's lake house in Long Beach, IN on Lake Michigan, I got to greet and be greeted by family and meet Danielle's friend Sophia.  Soon, we all piled into cars and bee-lined it to Burn 'Em Brewing where I enjoyed a couple pints of Rye Alert, a superb rye-infused amber. I thoroughly enjoy hopped up ambers, creations that are a higher octane version of the usually mild-mannered amber ale.

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