Monday, July 25, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 07/24/16: Mom's Day Out, Back to the Daft, Blackbird Beers BONUS! Manito Tap House

1.  It was good to see Mom get a little bit gussied up and head off to Coeur d'Alene with Carol and Paul to see a production of The Music Man at the Kroc Center.  I learned by messages I received later in the day from Christy and Carol that Mom enjoyed the show a lot and was pretty tired by the time she returned home.

2. Today was the Deke's last day in the Inland Empire before flying back to Maryland on Monday, so we did a little going out together before spending the night at the Red Lion at the Park in Spokane.  We began our fun afternoon and evening at the Daft Badger and split a heavenly basil and pesto BLT. Our beers were superb: the Deke had a couple small Summer's Envy and I was kind of blown away by my small pour of Windigo Indian Brown Ale and, for dessert, I enjoyed a Perfect Peach ale.  For many reasons, I wish the Deke could stay longer, but maybe what I'll miss the most when I'm here in North Idaho without her is enjoying the splendid food and beer at the Daft Badger.

3.  Once in Spokane, we strolled across the street from the hotel to the Blackbird Tavern and sat at the bar and enjoyed short pours of a couple of old favorites.  Because it was a limited release ale, I never thought I'd drink a Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion 001 again. It disappeared from where we drink and buy beer in Maryland a couple of months ago, but the Blackbird had a keg on tap and I loved tasting it again.  The Deke hadn't had a Breakside Carmel Salted Stout since we left Oregon in 2014 and she and the stout had a happy reunion. We ended our session at Blackbird by sharing a 7 oz pour of Lost Abbey's Angel's Share, a beautiful and potent brandy barrel-aged American Strong Ale. It was boozy, hoppy, and brandy sweet all at the same time.

BONUS!  Later on, the Deke and I cruised by the Altadena Apartments where I lived thirty-two years ago on our way up Grand Boulevard and dinner at the Mantio Tap House where I ate a filling and delicious blackened mac and cheese and the Deke loved her Caesar salad.  Once again, short pours: the Deke loved her Brother Double IPA from Fremont Brewing and I transported myself back to Eugene for a Ninkasi Maiden the Shade.

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