Monday, July 18, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 07/17/16: Back to the Patch, Back to City Limits, Potato Soup, BONUS! Tucker

1.  Mom's raspberry plants are down to their last berries and so she put on her sun hat and long sleeve shirt and pushed her all-terrain walker to the northwest corner of her back yard and, together, we finished off the harvest. Mom needed me to help her move the chair she picks in from spot to spot and to help steady her while on her feet, but she needed little help doing the picking and we had fun.  Next up:  lettuce!

2. Patrick, the Deke, and I climbed into Mom's Malibu and admired the hills, mountains, and trees as we drove to Wallace to stop in again at the City Limits Brew Pub where we enjoyed some Sunset Red ale, Patrick ate some nachos to fuel his drive back to Portland, we enjoyed lively conversation, and brought a growler of Sunset Red back to Kellogg.

3. Christy and Everett joined Mom, the Deke, and me on Mom's deck for a delicious dinner of the Deke's family famous potato soup. It was fun to have memories come back of family life in Eugene with Adrienne, Patrick, and Molly and to remember how much they loved it when the Deke made this soup -- and so did I! Christy and Everett were closing out a day of rest after an intense Saturday involving Everett's son's funeral and dinner afterward and a late and emotional night for Christy at the James Taylor concert in Spokane.

BONUS! Christy and Everett adopted a heeler and named him Tucker. Tucker is a rescue dog and, as a younger dog, might have been mistreated by a man. He's wary of men. But, Friday night, Patrick won over Tucker's trust with the help of playing with him with a dog toy. Early this afternoon, while I was sitting on Christy and Everett's back porch, Tucker laid down beside me, licked my hands and, from time to time, rose up and licked my face. Tucker came over to Mom's for dinner and we continued to build a friendship. I love having a new friend in Tucker and love seeing his trust grow in the world Christy and Everett have created for him.

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