Sunday, July 10, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 07/05/16: Flying Out of Midway, Arriving in Kellogg, Dinner at Christy's

1. The Deke, Adrienne, Jack, and I were flying out of Midway an hour apart from each other and so we all piled into Brian's BMW SUV and made our way to South Cicero Street and things went great for me and the Deke and we had an easy flight to Spokane.

2. Carol picked us up at the airport and upon arriving in Kellogg we had warm greetings all around and started the process of getting introduced to Tucker, Christy and Everett's new dog, who needs some time to develop trust with strangers.

3. Christy fixed a wonderful barbecued chicken dinner and we had a splendid first evening in Christy and Everett's beautiful backyard, enjoying the cool Kellogg evening air.

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