Sunday, July 17, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 07/16/16: Wal Mart Trip, City Limits Dinner, Metro Tour

1.  Mom and I piled into her Malibu and buzzed out to the Smelterville Wal Mart. I went really well. A handicap spot near the door was open and I brought a shopping cart over to the car and Mom used it as substitute for a walker.  Together, we got the goods on her list, covering quite a bit of the store. Mom, a checker, and a store manager got her coupons figured out and, with help, Mom completed the transaction at the credit card machine where she slid her card into the bottom, using the chip reader. A few steps away, Mom sat on a bench and reviewed her receipt, item by item, found no errors, and we went over to customer service where Mom returned, without a hitch, an item she bought a few weeks ago.  I'd like to help Mom make more little trips like this -- especially during this period of time when her pain shots are working. She often gets up to two months of relief from these shots -- the shots, however, come in three month intervals. The store walking exercise is good for her treatment of congestive heart failure.

2. Mom also wanted a couple of things from Yoke's and Stein's, but she'd had enough walking at Wal Mart, so she took it easy at home, and I picked them up myself. Rested, Mom was ready a couple of hours later for a trip to Wallace's City Limits Brew Pub and an early dinner.  Mom, the Deke, Patrick, and I zoomed up to Wallace and enjoyed dinner together. We gave the new walker a restaurant test drive and it performed splendidly. Mom slid easily into the joint and the seat on her walker sat higher than a restaurant chair, not only giving her a way to sit at the table, but saving her the difficulty of getting into and out of one of these lower chairs. This all was a great relief and made me very happy.

3.  After dinner, we all went on a short tour of the Kellogg/Wardner metropolitan area, and admired the torn up streets for the ongoing sewer project and talked about Dad's life in Wardner and looked at the house we lived in on E. Portland until we moved into Mom's current house in 1962.

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