Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 07/12/16: Mom Update, Writing About Uncertainty, Lunch in Wallace

1. Mom can't leave her house on her own any longer. It's been a few months since she drove her car. One of the things we do to help her out is run errands around town and this morning I paid her bill at Ace Hardware, dropped another bill in the mail, and went to Yoke's and picked up a prescription order and a few groceries. Mom is mentally sharp and her mood improves when she has company in the house, but her physical problems continue to plague her.

2.  Being back in Kellogg brings stories back to mind and, for some reason, I think a lot about the confusion and fear I felt in the summer of 1972 after high school graduation. To complete our latest Sibling Assignment, this morning I finished writing about that summer and how the things I felt and some of the ways I behaved turned out not to be temporary, but, at critical points in my adult life, turned out to be habits.  If you'd like to read this piece, just click here.

3.  Christy and Everett are in mourning. Everett's son, Kenny, died on Monday. Today they got away from the phone calls and funeral arrangements by inviting the Deke and me to go up to Wallace and sample some beers at Wallace Brewing and to enjoy lunch at the City Limits.

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