Monday, July 11, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 07/10/16: Catching Up, Mom's Raspberries, Music of '73

1.   With Christy's Chromebook available, I settled into a soft chair in a corner of Mom's living room and wrote the seven blog posts I was behind on.  It was fun remembering the highlights of the last week and gratifying to get caught up.

2. Mom's raspberry bushes out back were full of ripe berries and the Deke and Mom went out back to pick for about an hour and, later, after I'd finished writing, I staggered out and picked more berries.  I had a pretty good harvest at one point, put the bowl I was using on a flat fence post, and a gust of wind blew it off and rendered my efforts futile. It was my day's Sisyphus moment. Ha!

3.  After dinner, Christy took us on a YouTube tour through soft rock hits of the 1970s with some Three Degrees and Stylistics thrown in.  We were remembering back to the summer of 1973, the summer of Christy's graduation from high school, and the blog post she wrote about that summer for our latest Sibling Assignment, here.

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