Sunday, July 10, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 07/08/16: Rocket Bakery Scheming, A Visit to Whitworth Univ., Spokane Tour

1. The Deke and Vickie and Alan became friends in Spokane over forty years ago and last night they drove to Spokane from Seattle and, this morning, we had a rendezvous at the Oxford Suites in Spokane Valley and climbed into Mom's Malibu and buzzed over to Rocket Bakery on 14th near S. Cedar where we yakked and started making plans for the day.

2.  The Deke and Vickie's day continued among the millions of skeins of yarn at Paradise Fibers on W. Indiana and Alan agreed to join me on a nostalgic walking tour of Whitworth University. Oh, my. I got to thinking how some of us back in the halcyon days between 1974 and 1984 kind of enjoyed how run down and rickety so much of the campus was -- especially our beloved Westminster Hall, home to the English Department.  Nothing much is rickety on campus any longer. Wow! New buildings have been constructed throughout campus, buildings like Westminster have been remodeled and made stronger, the grounds are gorgeous, and almost all remnants of a campus that sometimes and in some places, 30-40 years ago, looked like it had taken a vow of poverty are gone and gentrified. All this renewal and transformation complicated my memories. I temporarily wanted some of that more modest campus back again. But that sensation didn't last. Mostly I thought what a gorgeous place -- what a lovely campus for today's students, faculty, administration, alums, staff, and visitors to enjoy.  I also bought a sweatshirt.

3. Alan and I picked up our wives at Paradise Fibers and our Spokane tour was on:  lunch and beers at No-Li Brewhouse, a quick tour of Kendall Yards, a drive into the belly of Browne's Addition, some browsing at Auntie's Bookstore, and, lastly, a couple of half pints at Twelve Strings Brewery in Spokane Valley.  I'm not sure we had had enough, but the Deke and I had a drive back to Kellogg ahead of us, so we brought our spectacular day to an end with broad smiles and good cheer, knowing that we'd see each other again on Saturday.

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