Thursday, July 28, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 07/27/16: My Sisters Buoy Mom's Spirits, Wedding Preparations, Throwback Dinner

1. Carol is coming over to Mom's in the morning to make her breakfast and lunch and to do other tasks. Not only is this a great help in keeping Mom's household running and an aid to her physical comfort, and, even more, it's a boost to Mom's morale that she can count on Carol's company each morning. As a bonus, Carol brings the family Pomeranian, Sadie, over and Mom coos over her and gives her a treat.  It's an uplifting way for Mom to start the day. Today, Mom says she felt "so-so", but she was doing slightly better than the previous couple of days. I know her day was made better by Christy coming over, Carol coming over and returning, and by the conversations they had about the wedding shower for Molly that Christy will host in a couple of weeks and other things.

2. I will be the officiant for Scott and Cate's wedding in October. Today I worked with the outline of the service they sent me to start to compose the words of the service and I read a variety of poems and other passages that might bring inspiration and dignity to their ceremony.

3.  I was happy that the ground beef, egg, Worcestershire sauce, and ketchup I combined in a bowl fried up fairly well and gave Christy, Mom, and me the illusion we were eating meatloaf for dinner. We all enjoyed the red potatoes I boiled and fried, seasoned with bacon and onion, and the salad I made from lettuce I harvested in Mom's back yard. For old times' sake, we also enjoyed a can of Del Monte whole kernel corn and, for a minute, I thought I was back at the family dinner table fifty years ago.  Canned corn was a staple.

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