Thursday, July 21, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 07/20/16: Mom's Check Up, Hi Dale!, Delicious Family Dinner

1. Mom and Christy and I drove down to Coeur d'Alene so Mom could have a check up at the heart clinic. Mom got a good report, keeping in mind that she is experiencing Stage C heart failure. As with my experience with Stage IV kidney disease, the goal is staying steady, not getting worse. Mom's blood pressure and weight have been stable over the last two weeks and her high heart rate is a concern. Mom came home wearing a heart monitor for forty eight hours with the likelihood that she'll have the dosage increased for a medicine that slows down her heart rate. All in all, all things considered, it was a positive visit.

2. I took Mom's car down to the service center for an oil change and, on my walk back to Mom's, Dale Costa saw me, called out my name, and we had a fun talk about how much he is enjoying retirement and shared news about our families.

3. Carol and Paul hosted a dinner cooked by their future son-in-law, Travis, who loves to cook and is really good. He prepared grilled chicken with a huckleberry coating, bacon wrapped dates (or were they figs?), and a pasta salad. It was a comfortable evening under the generous shade of the Roberts' tri-color beech tree and it was fun getting Lura, Lyle, the Deke, Mom, Christy, Everett, Carol, Paul, Molly, and Travis all together for a great dinner.  Mom needed to go home early, so I brought her back, and later the get together continued in Christy and Everett's back yard. I have to admit that I pooped out early during the post-party party. I simply ran out of energy.

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