Monday, April 16, 2007

Are You Real Kellogg? Assignment #19

Mommie Dearest posted Are You Real Athol?, here, and so Silver Valley Girl decided that she and InlandEmpireGirl and I should write a similar list about the Silver Valley. I opted to focus mine on Kellogg. Read InlandEmpireGirl's list, here and overachieving Silver Valley Girl, here, who listed twenty-five plus an unnumbered 26th!

In no particular order, here are my twenty:

1. You were born in the Wardner Hospital, which was in Kellogg.

2. When you went school shopping at J. C. Penney you only cost your parents about $15.00 because all you needed was a new pair of Dickies, a pack of white T-shirts, and a pair of P.F. Flyers.

3. You got a ride to work drunk on day shift on Saturday morning from a friend whose floor you passed out on and then after your shift you had to ask a fellow worker if he had time to drive you around Kellogg and Smelterville to find your car because you lost it some time, some where on Friday night.

4. You had read all the comic books and baseball magazines at Dick and Floyd's while waiting for your dad to quit drinking in the back so you could get home for supper, late.

5. You learned to play baseball on AstroDirt©, great training for the bad hop.

6. When you got drunk at the Kopper Keg and couldn't drink your last beer, you dumped in down a pool table pocket.

7. Whenever you went to the Gold Strike stamp store in Coeur d' Alene you always got lost trying to navigate the tangled web of streets and heavy traffic.

8. North Idaho College was your first experience with cultural diversity.

9. The center of social activity was the Kellogg swimming pool parking lot.

10. Your favorite T-shirt said, "Ranier: Breakfast of Champions".

11. Your first experience with wine was Annie Green Springs and your first mixed drink was Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill with 7-Up--a wine flip.

12. You had to go to college to have a pizza that wasn't frozen, eat an enchilada that wasn't canned, or have a steady diet of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

13. If you ever got to go to a big city, you explored it by going bowling.

14. The largest clothing department at J.C. Penney was work clothes.

15. The best meal in town was the toasted cheese sandwich at the Pik Kwik lunch counter with a Pepsi over crushed ice in a glass embossed with the cursive Pepsi logo.

16. Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Green River" was the greatest album ever released.

17. You chewed Copenhagen in class in high school because you could swallow.

18. Cherry Vodka.

19. You came to love the thunderstorms that rumbled in over Lookout Pass from Montana when once they made you hide under your covers when you were a little kid.

20. You left Kellogg, thinking you'd go far, went far, and now spend many of your waking hours wishing you were back.


Christy Woolum said...

Let's see... I am real Kellogg because of #1,2,7,and 8 for sure. Number 20 is my favorite. What a good post. I always wondered why my 8 ball got wet when it went in the pocket at the Kopper Keg.

Anonymous said...

I am real Pinehurst, but I can relate to 1, 8, and 20. I also thought I was a supersleuth, by figuring out who you "really" are, when all I had to do was ask Snug.

Loved your article on Silver King. . .and had fun trying to recognize the old guys you play cards with. So much fun. You did pretty well on the mine disaster, but I lived it - I guess we all did. Keep up the great blog. I miss the valley - but especially the Ponderosa Pines.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if "Green River" by Creedence was one of the greatest albums ever, although the SONG "Green River", to me, is one of the greatest singles ever released. While you were growing up in Kellog, I was growing up in CDA. I always found Kellogg something like a foreign, desolate country...

raymond pert said...

I.E. You are right about Green River. But, it hit the big time in Kellogg!! If I remember, when you lived in Kellogg it felt pretty lousy, too. Thanks for dropping by.

Go Figure said...

Just here from SVG's. Fun.
I played outfield, no bad hops, I thought infielders were sissys.
"Couldn't drink last beer"-yep you must be from Kellogg
Gold Strike store-yep
Wine-1 Gal. Vino Fino...

mythusmage said...

#21. Your last name is Kellogg

Anonymous said...

There is such a thing as cherry vodka? Weird! I mean, I know about kirschwasser, but I suspect that's not what you're talking about.

A new Kellogg's plant is coming to my area - that's why I clicked on this link - is Kellogg's from your area?

raymond pert said...

hi Anon.

We called something Cherry Vodka! I wonder what it was...this was the early 70's. Maybe someone made cherry vodka then and failed. I never drank it, but a legendary story exists about a friend of mine who drank way too much, puked, and all the kids around him were afraid he was puking blood.

Kellogg's is from Battle Creek, Michigan. Our town was named after a mining prospector named Noah Kellogg.

I did, however, eat a lot of Kellogg's cereal!

Thanks for dropping by!