Sunday, April 15, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 04/15/07: Zone, Heller, HTML Playpen

1. I went to the laundromat this evening and was in a zone. I felt like the Eddie Van Halen of clothes washing and drying mastery. I was like Eddie on his best night pouring out "Eruption", so good that I turned my back to onlookers so they wouldn't steal my cleaning, drying, folding techniques.

2. I'm starting to see Catch-22 in everything around me. I think that's Joseph Heller's point.

3. I opened my HTML playpen today. You can type messages in this box! The box I made!

Topic: Pert's HTML Playpen


MarmiteToasty said...

And a very fine box it is :) nice straight sides and sharp corners lol.....

Being a complete computer dinlo, Im mega chufted for ya....


Jen B said...

I don't know if you can see what others type in the box, so I'm retyping it here:
cool, typing in the box, thinking outside the box, be the box, see the box, jump out of the box!!
Pretty good HTML!

raymond pert said...

Marmitetoasty: Thanks for the compliment on my lines. I tried using a US President's ruler as a straight edge, but the HTML people did it better!

Jennifer: No, I don't see your message and now I know how that part of it works. It's a message all for yourself, in the box!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I just made a comment on your file - Real Kellogg, and it said I was anonymous. I hate that. I didn't want to be anonymous, but just not obvious.

Good job on the html! Good to keep up your brain cells by learning new things.

Call me: Pinehurst in my Dreams

Cool playpen, but didn't save my post... so I put it here.

raymond pert said...

Pinehurst in my Dreams: YOu've dropped some clues about your identity that I can't quite put together. Do you want to remain unidentified, except your new wonderful nickname? If you'd like me to know who you are, please email me at

Either way, keep commenting. I sure enjoy reading what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

Crazy - I can't get this to print my blog - unless I preview it first! (So if you get several posts - you know why)!

Thanks for the compliments. I think sometimes guessing is more fun than knowing. . . Since you are a thinking blogger, I will allow you the priviledge.

I attended Silver King for 3 years, Pinehurst for 6 (including Jr. High) and graduated from KHS in 1972.

I do enjoy reading your blogs and reminiscing about the growing up years.

Half the time, I still dream I live in Pinehurst.