Sunday, April 1, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 03/31/07: Valley Tour, Belly Laughs, Poker

1. Touring the Silver Valley today with Mom, Silver Valley Girl and InlandEmpireGirl: among other things, we drove to Elizabeth Park, Moon Gulch, Terror Gulch, up Canyon Creek to Gem and Burke (and all points before and in between and after), ate lunch at the 1313 Tavern, drove past Silver King Elementary school and looked at the remains of the Zinc Plant, and toured Smelterville.

2. My sisters and I laughed hysterically when we said that the electric garage door at Silver Valley Girl's house could be opened by saying "Paul Riep" and closed by saying "Marcella". We are the only three living human beings who get that joke.

3. Ron, Ed, and I drove to Coeur d'Alene and met up with Bruce and Scott and played poker for five and half hours or so in Scott's boat. What happens on Scott's boat, well, wouldn't be understood outside Scott's boat! Pictures forthcoming.

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