Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 04/17/07: Coal, Annhilation, Nine Innings

1. I've seen the movie at least five times now and with every viewing I am more deeply affected by "Harlan County, USA". It's hard to argue against the assertion that this is the finest documentary movie in existence.

2. I've been previewing "Dr. Strangelove" for my Lit of Comedy class as we study war satire. As I grow older, I more and more deeply admire Peter Sellers' beauty as an actor. His ability to embody a character, let alone, in this movie, three characters is nearly unparalleled, imho.

3. I listened to the Detroit Tigers build a pretty good lead on the Royals, blow it, recapture the lead, and defeat Kansas City. It's a pleasure to have and XM satellite radio subscription during baseball season and fill my study with the sounds of radio announcers bringing the games alive.

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