Friday, April 13, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 04/13/07: Yossarian, Cats, Back on the Horse

1. I started re reading Catch-22 and remembered how wonderfully Heller combines the story telling beauty of a novel with the nonsense and illumination of the theater of the absurd.

2. Mel came over from next door and bade the Deke farewell. They've moved out. Animal Recovery took Leon's twenty-nine cats safely to a no-kill shelter. Mel claims they've all been adopted. Let's hope.

3. Asleep, Snug rolled off the bed. Bewildered, he jumped right back on. He didn't suffer post-traumatic bedfall syndrome.


Loren said...

Catch-22 would definitely be one of my all time favorite novels.

I especially love the depiction of Milo Minderbinder, because it reminds me of some contemporary leaders.

Go Figure said...

Yes, Major Major will see you once he is gone.