Friday, April 20, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 04/19/07:Denali, Work Load, Strange

1. Lane Community College's literary magazine is called Denali and am the literary advisor. Today the vigorous, intelligent, multi-talented editor, Lindsey and I had a coffee together. I enjoyed the wide range of our discussion and am proud to support Lindsey's work.

2. Right now we English instructors teach a combination of three and four credit classes and in order to make our workload come out right, we have to teach an overload one quarter and slight underload the other two quarters. Winter quarter's overload taxed me. I am filled with more vitality this quarter and am doing a lot more for my students with my slight underload. I have the right amount of work right now. I'm much more relaxed, better prepared, and am giving my students much better and more rested feedback on their work.

3 My Lit of Comedy class watched Dr. Strangelove tonight. I love the movie. I glanced over the in class writings my students cranked out after thy the movie and the papers look terrific.

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