Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 04/16/07: Churches, Bose, Alex Supertramp

1. As much as anything, I enjoy having discussion with people about their churches and how things work in different churches, not only theologically, but also regarding how the place operates. Katrina and I have been having a wonderful email exchange on this very topic and it's been heartwarming and informative.

2. Nothing like a little bit of reasonable self-indulgence. I went to Best Buy and purchased some new speakers for my computer and XM satellite radio. Sweet.

3. I've just read short essays my WR 123 students wrote on Chris McCandless in the book Into the Wild. They are writing about Chris' feelings, thoughts, and understanding of himself in relation to class and his efforts, in that regard, to re-invent himself. I think highly of the students in this class. Their work in these papers surpassed what I thought they would do. How gratifying!

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Katrina said...

RP, I've enjoyed our email discussion as well! I think it's good to examine how and why we do things, apart from tradition. Thanks for making me think, as always! :D

Enjoy your speakers!