Friday, April 13, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 04/12/07: Kook, No Sex, Live TV

1. K-doe, Daisy and I met at Barry's for a few-wheelin', free-speakin' round of ice water, coffee, and peanut butter cookies and managed to keep our groove alive in spite of the interruptions of a slightly deranged woman who obviously wanted to talk. We didn't want to.

2. Lordy! Was it ever fun getting Literature of Comedy more fully off the ground with some darn good discussion of the sources of anti-war vitality in Lysistrata.

3. K-doe and Daisy take a course that meets in a television studio. I wanted to talk with them before our coffee meeting, to solidify whether I could make it to Barry's. They dumped class, but could watch the class they skipped on television. They sat home and laughed at me as they watched me live when I came not once, but twice into the classroom studio, during the class' break, looking for them.

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Unknown said...

Turns out that I am still laughing at that event..

Coffee and cookies make me very happy and I will join you and the Darcy-girl any time to revel in the glory that is caffeine and sugar. Next time we should bring a giant mosquito net to set up around us and keep the loonies out! Either that or I should wear a hair net!