Monday, April 23, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 04/23/07: King Lear, Strange-22, Home

1. It's been a day dominated by King Lear. An hour and a half of discussion this morning with my ENG 203 class about all that King Lear is stripped of and one of my students noted that it's a play in which stripping happens all the way around for Edgar, Gloucester, Cordelia, Kent, and maybe others. I'd never thought of that. What a pleasure to always learn new things . . . and always the most pleasurable when my learning comes from my students.

2. More discussion with my next office mate about Dr. Strangelove. It's like Catch-22. The viewpoints of those works has me seeing absurdity, especially bureaucratic absurdity everywhere and I want to articulate the absurdity like these works do!

3. My stepdaughter, Molly, slept here in the basement last night. She just wanted to be home. I like that she thinks of this house and the dogs and how welcome she always is as home. I'm always happy when she or the other kids come over. I'm glad they haven't let go of this place as home.

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Jen B said...

I've tried everything to get my boys interested in shakespeare. Maybe someday? They're still young but I loved him!
Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I'm going for it. I'm publishing a children's book with Who knows? Maybe it will be a good