Friday, April 20, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 04/19/07: Home, Movies, Link

1. I served my office hour and decided I wanted to take care of school things at home and so I came home to Snug, Maggie, and Charly. I didn't attend the department meeting featuring one of our vice-presidents.

2. Dan Armstrong's office is next to mine. He teaches film studies. Every week, sometimes every day, we talk about movies. We talked about Dr. Strangelove today, and our excited voices rang up and down the hall way. We both love George C. Scott and Peter Sellers.

3. I know it's not that hard to make an image a link to a website with HTML, but I just learned how to do it last week and this evening, with a few missteps here and there, I made a link between the Wildcat image in the column on the right and the new blog I created for the Kellogg High School reunion, classes 1970-73, on July 20-21.


Christy Woolum said...

Nice job with the Wildcat picture and new blog. I liked your Rooted for Giants so I will comment here. I hope to get one on that site today. With all the baseball games on in the living room.. no wonder I had time to read all the Happy Hollisters, Nancy Drew, and Landmark Biographies in my room. lol

raymond pert said...

No kidding. The TV dominated our house and, when he was home, Dad dominated what we watched. It worked for me, I guess, since I loved sports;I guess it worked indirectly for your reading!

Jen B said...

You did it! Your own HTML link! I wrote down how to do it and learned a few things and now I'm keeping a log. I guess it's cheaper for me to do that, then go out and buy the book. LOL

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

Love the Wildcat - brings back memories! I tried to print the jpg form, but all I got were blank pages. I may have to export it into one of our image programs. Will check with hubby and see if we can make it.

Side note: I decided to try the bloggin' thing. Pretty rusty, but now on Google.