Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Three Beautiful Things: 04/11/07: Madness, Sex, Waist

1. Thanks to having a long afternoon stroll with Snug, I got home after people started fighting next door and one of the parties stumbled onto our front porch braying, "Call 911" so the Deke did and the police restored order and I came around the corner with Snug and walked by the police and one officer was asking the other if he shopped at Albertson's.

2. Reading Lysistrata and thinking about the antithesis in the play between the mirth of sex and wine and the destruction of war.

3. Pants that had been fairly snug, fit better today.

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Unknown said...

The officer was prolly asking that because he had one too many products of HIS discontinued from Trader Jokes and therefore switched his grocery store religion. Clearly THAT is more important than the situation at hand..