Monday, April 2, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 03/02/07: Shakespeare, Sleep, Champions

1. When was the last time I had my own course to teach in Shakespeare? I can't remember. But I get to teach Shakespeare this quarter and it was really fun looking at the opening thirty-five or so lines of "King Lear" and see how much of the whole play of Lear is in those opening lines.

2. I slept this afternoon in a kind of coma, thanks to my late arrival in Eugene last night and my getting up early to go teach.

3. The Florida Gators beat the Oregon Ducks in the round of eight in the NCAA tournament. Tonight Florida won the national championship and it felt good to have the team that eliminated the Ducks be the national championship.


Dubya said...

I don't understan'. You slept like a what? Isn't a coma a punctuation mark? I thought you wuz some kinda English Perfessor, or somethin'.

Go Figure said...

Sorry RP, but I was just glad the Ducks got eliminated. Ha!

Mommy Dearest said...

Can ya put in a couple hours of sleep for me, too.

The Insomniac

Katrina said...

How fun that you get to teach Shakespeare again! It sounds like you've got some experience with the bard. Do you just teach the plays, or do you get into the sonnets, too? My favorite is "My Mistress' Eyes Are Nothing Like the Sun" ... I remember laughing out loud when I first read it. Talk about disarming the poet!