Saturday, April 14, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 04/14/07: Peace, Jennifer, Grebe

1. Today I decided to forego a trip to the laundromat and I stayed home, where it was just me and dogs and peace and quiet, and wrote blogs and read others and move another baby step or two ahead in my intermittent efforts to teach myself HTML.

2. My HTML efforts were accelerated by meeting a new person in the blog world. Jennifer wrote a wonderful piece for Sunday Scribblings for the new prompt, "Secret Indentity", here, and wanted to put a Thinking Blogger Award banner on her blog with a link to Thinking Blog imbedded in the image. I wanted to do the same. We had a lovely exchange and the upshot was that I figured out how to do it and helped her do the same. Jen's blog is wonderful, focusing on family matters, especially as she home educates her children.

3. I hadn't thought of Steve Grebil for quite a while. We played American Legion baseball together and he was a tenacious defensive player for the Wallace Miner basketball team, our chief rival at Kellogg. I had a lengthy dream about him and uptown Kellogg and the Union Legion Lanes bowling alley. It was like we got back together again and talked about old times.


JBelle said...

Thinking Blog Award. HTML. Soon you'll forget the old neib altogether. Tell Snug not to worry. He can come live with me. Now that you are on the edge of becoming a bona fide super star, you'll probably not want to live with at DOG.

Jen B said...

I do appreciate your efforts for HTML! I was trying to figure it out for 3 days, although I didn't have the 'cheat' (HTML book) lol

MarmiteToasty said...
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