Saturday, April 28, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 04/27/07: Treat, Strange, Twilight Zone

1. I've been trying to lose a little weight, but at our Literature Dept. assessment workshop today, I couldn't resist these foot long buttery croissant bread cinnamon twist things.

2. Two of my fellow teachers talked about how they work to make subject matter strange. In other words, they try to help students see something from a new perspective. When we see something as strange, we step back, have a new perspective. I was very stimulated by this discussion. I thought how this is precisely the strategy of satire; no duh, Raymond: the movie is called, after all, Dr. Strangelove!

3. I fell asleep early last night with Classic Rock on the Top Tracks (Channel 46) channel of XM Satellite Radio. Every so often, a tune would wake me up and I'd have the experience of being in the past, trying to figure out where I was, realizing I couldn't be there, coming back into the present, and then playing an internal game of Name That Tune. I love these half asleep travels from one reality to another to another, fueled by Rock Tunes from thirty to forty years ago!

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