Thursday, April 19, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 04/18/07: Projects, Teaching, Stealin'

1. My Shakespeare students can present non-essay projects to meet what would normally be an essay assignment and I was proud and excited by the work they did today: one graphic design student made a spare, gorgeous poster for a performance of King Lear; another wrote and performed a searing song; another brought a mirror she shattered and etched lines from the play along with an image of the shattered King Lear; another wrote an insightful poem about the feelings driving Edmund. There were others, all good, all bringing beauty to the study of King Lear .

2. I spent all afternoon and evening working on a series of projects to supplement my instruction and hope that my students find these supplements helpful.

3. On Napster I found the song "Stealin'" by Uriah Heep and remembered the late Friday afternoons that Scott and I played this song before going to Jekyll and Hydes to drink beer and play pool and often to hit the road to go watch the Kellogg Wildcats play away games. Once we went to Sandpoint by way of Athol and in Sandpoint we drank at the Middle Earth Tavern and then enjoyed watching the Wildcats beat the Sandpoint Bulldogs handily.

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