Sunday, April 22, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 01/22/07: Sheets and Blankets, Participation, High Spirits

1. I went to the laundromat to get my bedding washed and dried in one fell swoop. I was wearing my Boston Red Sox cap. A guy I didn't know was listening to the game. First, his wife told me A-Rod had just struck out. Then the guy himself told me the Yankees had just taken the lead and that he was a Giants fan and we talked about how Barry Bonds homered again today.

2. I opened a forum for students in American Working Class Lit and Research Writing to post comments intended to help them get better acquainted and three students posted this evening.

3. My stepdaughter's mother-in-law and the Deke have become very close friends and Mary came over for dinner tonight and it was a jovial time and a very good meal. It lifted all of our spirits, whether or not our spirits needed lifting. It's a grand feeling.

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