Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 05-19-14: Holding Hands Downtown, Jocks at the Park, Meeting Up with Dan

1.  I spent much of the morning walking around downtown and other places, seeing if any good picture taking moments unfolded.  Few did, but I liked this one:

2.  Later, after Ed, the contractor, came by to revise his bid on repairs we'll have done to the house, I took my first two sports related shots.  I don't think they'll land me work at Sports Illustrated, but I enjoyed snapping this basketball falling through the hoop and this frisbee dude about to snatch the disc between his legs.

3.  Dan Armstrong and I hadn't sat down and talked to each other for a few years and tonight we met at the High Street Brewery and Cafe and talked about a wide range of things and had a great time catching each other up on one another's lives.  Our conversation was deeply satisfying on its own, but, I must admit, the pleasure of the evening, for me, was augmented by a pint of McMenamin's cherry cider and then a pint of apple.  This was my first taste of hard cider made by McMenamin's and I enjoyed it a lot. 

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