Saturday, May 24, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 05/23/14: Eugene Stroll, Oakridge Trip, Bier Stein Surprise

1.  The Deke dropped me off at the 32nd and Hillyard PeaceHealth clinic so I could get a blood draw in advance of my kidney appointment this coming Wednesday and, after the blood draw, I walked home.  It's about a three mile walk.  I interrupted my walk with a fun biscuit and gravy breakfast at Cornucopia. 

2.  The Troxstar, Madame Troxstar, Shane, and I loaded ourselves into the TroxCar and wound our way up to the Brewer's Union pub in Oakridge and enjoyed some cask conditioned bitters together.  Madame Troxstar did us a big favor.  She was our designated driver, giving the rest of us free reign to enjoy a few pints.  We had a first-rate gabfest, enjoying our time in the rarefied air of Oakridge, OR.

3.  The Deke texted me that she would be at the Bier Stein and, to my surprise and delight, when I arrived, she was at a table with Walker and Ingrid -- and, later, Lisa joined us.  I learned a ton about Orkney and we had some good laughs and it was a good time. 

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