Sunday, May 11, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 05/10/14: Pure Enjoyment, Masonic Cemetery, Growler Guys Party

1.  I've been so busy with house sale stuff that Russell and I have missed at least three Saturdays in a row having lunch and taking pictures.  Today we got back with it and I thoroughly enjoyed both conversation with Russell and my lunch of miso soup and oyako donburi. 

2.  I wondered if there might be some fun flower pictures awaiting us at the Eugene Masonic Cemetery, so I suggested we take pictures up there.  Russell said, "OK" and we had a fine time tromping among the gravestones and foliage, taking pictures.  As an added bonus, we got to visit the interior of the Hope Abbey Mausoleum, thanks to a friendly volunteer who spotted us outside and was eager to show us around the inside.  Here are some flower pictures and gravestone pictures I took.  (I wasn't that pleased with my inside the mausoleum shots....)

3.  The Deke and I decided to try out the growler fill station/tap room that is where Starbucks used to be -- the Starbucks Molly used to work at -- the building we call Molly's Starbucks.  Now it's called Growler Guys and we had a superb time.  For the Deke, they were pouring Rogue Double Chocolate Imperial Stout and she loved it.  For me, it was Ayinger day at Growler Guys, so I had a pint of Jahrhundert Bier (Lager) and a pint of Oktober Fest-Marzen (Strong Ale).  The beer was great and we continued the conversation that has been going on since our first "date" in August, 1997 when we went to an Ems game at Civic Stadium.

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