Monday, May 12, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 05/11/14: Eugene Pictures, Patrick Pops In, The Old is New to Me

1.  One of the best things about having a bunch of my packing done for the move and with not having to show the house any more, is that I can get back to walking around with my camera.  I took a Sunday stroll today into the downtown area and then up Willamette to meet the Deke at the Bier Stein.  Here are a few of the pictures I took:

No Parking

Holding Hands

Mortgage Selfie
Waiting to Play

Sunday at the Bier Stein 

2.  The Deke and I were sitting at the Bier Stein and the Deke's phone rang and it was Patrick.  Turns out he was in town.  Turns out he wanted to see him mother on Mother's Day.  Turns out Patrick joined me and the Deke for our Mother's Day party at the Bier Stein, Growler Guys, and Sixteen Tons.

3.  It's funny.  Until a few days ago, I had never tried hard cider and now I'm really enjoying different kinds -- like today, I sampled 2 Towns' Ginja Ninja, a ginger cider and I loved it.  Earlier in the day, I had my first pint of Rogue's Dead Guy Ale.  I mean this beer has been around forever and I've spent a few hours in the Rogue Public House over the last few years and I see Dead Guy Ale in the grocery store cooler every single time I shop for beer.  It's very popular.  Now I know it's also very good!  I have really been asleep at the wheel regarding this beer:  it's a German Maibock, a splendid style, making it easy to drink.  It's balanced, not that hoppy, and very satisfying.  I guess I'll say it again:  this beer has been around for over twenty years, and I feel like I've discovered a brand new ale!  Wow.

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