Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 05/05/14: Spiffin', Transformed, Ahhhh

1.  Today was the last day to get the house spiffed up for pictures by the realtor in the morning.  Drawer handles.  Light bulbs.  A lot of little things.  Post office.  Jim Rome bumpin' "Lowrider".  Epic. While I did stuff at home, the Deke got dropped off near Sixteen Tons and when I went to pick her up, I caused a minor stir when I did not have a beer, even though all those great sours are still on tap.  No, we still had work to do and I so the Deke and I returned to the house and worked for a couple more hours clearing out one of the bedrooms and putting the last bit of elbow grease into tidying up the basement.

2.  The yard guys arrived today and they transformed the front yard from on overgrown mess into a sharp looking landscape.  The curb appeal increased by about 900 per cent, I'd say.

3.  House is ready.  Yard looks good.  Five showings tomorrow.  Time for a relaxing reward and no better place to sit and let it all sink in than Billy Mac's for a couple of ginger bourbons, a plate of oysters, and a small Caesar salad.  Perfect end to a busy, productive day. 

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