Friday, May 2, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 05/01/14: Movin' Out, The World Comes to the Classroom, Byrdman in Town

1.  I spent the morning before going to school doing more packing, moving of boxes to the basement.  I continued to clear out as much of the upstairs as I can.  The piano leaves this weekend.  Soon I hope someone will want my desk.  We're getting there. 

2.  I was able to send the students home who were doing just fine with the paper due next week and got to spend time in one to one conversations with students who needed more help.  It's my favorite way to teach.  This also enabled me to find out more about my student from Najaf, Saudi Arabia as well as another student of mine from Mexico City.  This has always been one of the best features of my work over the last thirty-seven years:  working with students from Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Venezuela, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Bosnia, Greece, Singapore, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Israel, India, and many other countries.  Nothing breaks down preconceptions and received ideas about people of different countries like working, talking, and learning together.

3.  Jim Byrd (KHS '70), also known as the Byrdman and the Duke of Earl drove down to Eugene today from his son's place in West Linn for a visit with his sister and for a session of fine food and fine ales with me.  After we enjoyed a refreshing Total Domination IPA in the backyard, I got to introduce him to the Bier Stein where we enjoyed some Aecht Schlenkerla Helles smoky lager and some Old Speckled Hen.  Then we made our way to Billy Mac's for sandwiches and a beer and continued to dive into our mental archives and bring great ball players from North Idaho back to life again and remember how great they were.  Byrdman and I both got the job done in baseball and basketball, but neither of us was great.  These guys we remembered and talked about were great.  And memorable. 

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