Sunday, May 18, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 05/17/14: Chicken Udon Soup, Pioneer Cemetery, Downtown

1.  That Chicken Udon soup at Pure was really delicious and conversation with Russell about topics ranging from the NFL to Vivian Maier was also a lot of fun.

2.  I had a really good time at the University of Oregon Pioneer Cemetery taking pictures of flowers and headstones, experimenting with different camera settings, and finding spots where light and shadow interplayed that were a lot of fun.  Here's a small sample of pictures I took:

3.  The Troxstar had the evening to himself, so we took a walk downtown and went to the First National Taphouse.  For me, it was a Fresh Squeezed IPA and someone's Cherry Cider.  It was kind of fun to observe the oddball nightlife in downtown Eugene:  limos, fire truck, banjo player singing coarsely, a guy spontaneously dancing with a backpack on, groups of young people moving like a cloud from place to place, a guy with a plastic bucket drum kit.  I didn't feel a part of any of this.  It was fun to see what was happening, though. 

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