Saturday, May 31, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 05/30/14: Toast Appears, LaPush Pictures, Payoff

1.  I ate an okay plate of huevos rancheros at the New Day Bakery and as I dived into my poached egg and salsa with a tear of tortilla, a guy from another table came to mine and told me he didn't want his toast and butter and jam, but that he didn't want it to go to waste and put the small playte on my table.  I finished my huevos rancheros and the toast and butter and jam went to waste.

2.  I sorted through the pictures I took during my weekend in LaPush.  Here's a small sampling.  I wish I could say these are the three best pictures I took or my three favorites, but I just don't know which were "best" or which I favor....

3.  After a nice couple of half pints at the Bier Stein, sitting in the cool afternoon shade out front, the Deke and I went to the credit union and paid off a loan.  It was a most welcome and satisfying transaction:  I enjoyed paying off the loan and I'm happy with what we borrowed the money for. 

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