Thursday, May 8, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 05/07/14: Offer Accepted, Our Dinner with Harold, Thanks to Campbell's Soup

1.  We met with our realtor and accepted a solid offer on our house. 

2.  On our way to the realtor, we received an invitation from Harold Lannom for dinner at Billy Mac's and we accepted and we had a great time, enjoying splendid food and talking about all kinds of things ranging from genealogy to the mysteries of the Divine.  Speaking of divine, I sure enjoyed my ahi appetizer and cup of chicken gumbo soup and the ginger bourbon was mighty tasty, too.

3.  Billy Mac's chicken gumbo soup made me think of all the varieties of Campbell's soup we used to have around the house in Kellogg:  chicken gumbo, minestrone, bean with bacon, tomato rice, chicken rice, chicken noodle, tomato, cream of mushroom, cream of celery, etc.  I enjoyed them all and I never thought soup could be any better.  But then, as I got older, I sometimes made my own soups or I was a guest at someone's house who served soup or I ordered soup in restaurants anrd I came to realize that Campbell's soups were not the best a soup could be.  This didn't disappoint me.  I marveled at how satisfying really good soup is -- and, at the same time, like tonight at Billy Mac's, I felt gratitude to Campbell's soups for revealing to me that there was such a thing as chicken gumbo soup or minestrone soup or cream of mushroom soup and giving me a start on my way to discovering and making really good soup. 

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