Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 05/06/14: Out with the Corgis, Corgis Go to French Immersion, Wind Down

1.  Busy day with the dogs!  I had to have them out of the house during the five showings of our house today, so we drove around in the morning and then went to Hendricks Park for some walking and gazing.  I did the gazing.

2.  In the afternoon, we went to see the Deke at her school and her fifth graders mobbed Charly and Maggie with intense laughter, petting, hugging, and overwhelming joy at the surprise of having two corgis interrupt their scholarly pursuits.

3.  The backyard now has been transformed by the yard guys and the Deke and I soaked in its late afternoon vibe and learned that the showings today resulted in offers which we'll learn more about tomorrow.  Selling the house, keeping it in museum condition, has left us tired and so, once again, it was off to Billy Mac's where I had some hot shrimp and a small Caesar salad and we topped off our big day with a stop at Sixteen Tons.  Russian Consecration and BFM Bon Chien, plus Thomas urged us to try a taster of the fantastic Rose wine he was offering and a taster of a superb Zweigelt/Pinot Noir.  Great sours.  Great wine.  Great wind down to a very busy day.

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