Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 05/26/14: Log Naps, Room Naps, Evening Hugo and Shakespeare

1.  Before and after morning sausage and eggs and coffee with Bill and Diane, I wandered the length of the La Push beach that abuts the resort we stayed at.  I loved watching the surfers.  I enjoyed seeing hand holders.  Twice, I found logs to stretch out on and twice I napped on these different logs, the ocean air and the warmth of the sun putting me to sleep.  It was deep sleep, deep relaxed sleep, the deep relaxed sleep of being near ocean waves crashing and being in the company of good friends.

2.  I went back to my room and with the windows and sliding door open, ocean air filled the room and I took two more naps.  These were naps induced by ocean air, but naps that came after walking and walking and walking on the beach and up and down the streets of (lower) La Push.

3.  Dinner with Bill and Diane.   Oh my.  Beef with gravy and a crunchy fresh salad.  We were out of the Fish Tail Organic IPA so I bought us a six pack of the roasty, sweeter Fish Tail Organic Amber Ale.  We watched the sublime documentary Kicking the Loose Gravel Home, so that Richard Hugo could be with us in La Push and then we watched more segments of the John Barton/BBC dvds, Playing Shakespeare. Bill and I marveled at how deeply moved we've been over the last thirty/forty years by Richard Hugo and Bill, Diane, and I marveled at how beautifully the actors played their roles in Playing Shakespeare and at what a deep pleasure it is to listen to John Barton direct the actors and reflect upon passages from the plays.

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