Saturday, May 10, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 05/09/14: Photo Walk, Pho Ga, Tieton Apple Cider

1.  As far as taking pictures, I've been out of it the last three weeks, mostly because of house sale stuff.  But, today, I had an appointment down at the OCCU building near campus and not only did I walk to it, I took some pictures.  Here's a sample:

2.  It was an off and on rainy photo walk and I thought a bowl of soup would be uplifting and warming.  I was right.  I stopped in at Bon Mi and enjoyed a huge bowl of Pho Ga.  I love the way Bon Mi seasons their Pho Ga with cloves. 

3.   After spending an hour or so talking money with a pro and after I signed a couple more house sale documents, the Deke and I had a light meal at Cornucopia and then went to the 16 Tons Cafe and I tried another cider.  Jacob told me they had taken the Sacrilege Sour Cherry off, but an apple cider was on, from Tieton, WA, near Yakima.  It's name?  Well, Tieton Apple Cider.  It was tart, a bit lemony, and totally delicious. 

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