Thursday, May 22, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 05/21/14: Few Details, Perfect Walking Day, Perfect Walk Number Two

1.  A DocuSign, an email, signing my acceptance of the contractor's bid.  Just three small things.  That's all I had to do today as we do the stuff needed to sell this house.  I'm hoping that tomorrow might be a day free of house selling business, but it was a relief today to have so few things to do.  To the best of my knowledge, things are moving along smoothly toward closing [fingers crossed].

2.  It was a perfect day for walking up 7th Street, turning south on Van Buren, going east on 8th, and then a circuit through Monroe Park where people were supervising their children on playground equipment, youngsters were group lying on the grass, and a couple of middle aged men were sitting on a bench, taking a rest from walking around town, backpacks at their side, sipping on Super Big Gulps. We took a few minutes to share with each  other our pleasure that it was such a gorgeous day in May.  It made the three of us laugh.  The cool air and blue sky made us giddy.

3.  I enjoyed another walk later in the afternoon.  The Deke and I decided to meet up at Cornucopia where I enjoyed margaritas and made Justine laugh when I told her I'd be boarding the Greyhound to Costco.  The Deke and I went to Costco (by car, as it turned out!) so I could pick up the pictures I took of my students.  We picked up a container of mediocre pasta salad, it turned out, but we enjoyed where we ate it:  Sixteen Tons where I enjoyed a Blind Pig IPA and, for an after pasta salad drink, I relished the tongue-biting tartness of Two Rivers Pomegranate Cider.  Lousy food.  Oh well. Great conversation with the Deke.  Excellent IPA and cider.  Two outa three ain't bad.

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