Thursday, May 29, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 05/28/14: Closer to Closing, 23%, Cider and Ale

1.  The couple buying our house wanted some things fixed that came up in the inspection and the work on those projects began today, so it was a day of pounding, workers coming in and out, and things getting done.  We are definitely moving toward an all but certain June 2nd closing.  In fact, we have a signing appointment for the 2nd.

2.  My last visit with my nephrologist, Dr. Zachem, was as positive as these visits can be.  My lab numbers are holding steady and my kidney function showed some improvement.  I'd been hovering around 20% function and today it was at 23%.  That's about the best news I can get:  things are not deteriorating.  I'll miss Dr. Zachem.  I've appreciated his attentive care over the last ten years.

3.  I met the Deke at 16 Tons and, as is often the case, a cider rep was giving out samples.  Tonight it was a guy from Red Tank Cider in Bend and after sampling the company's various ciders, I had a half pint of Happy Cider and a half pint of Sour Cherry.  It was very refreshing.  The ciders put me in the mood to try a Belgian ale I'd seen on the bottle shelf and that was now on tap:  Stumptown Tart, an easy Belgium ale made tart with different berries.  I guess it's official.  I like fruit beers.  I like sours. I like lagers.  I like IPAs.  I like -- well, you get the point:  I like beer in all its various styles.  It's fun!

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