Monday, August 11, 2008

Reille Hunter Discusses Videographing John Edwards

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Inland Empire Girl said...

Wow!!! I had no idea that John Edwards was so real and authentic, and like so real... and that he is just so authentic. Ummmmmmm.

Bob said...

I'd hit her but just barely. I mean, she's kinda worn looking. But hell I'm 50 and I can't be as picky as before. So yes, I'd do her.

raymond pert said... act shallow, but you know what you want...long evenings lying next to Reille in front of a quiet fire in a tiny cabin in the North Cascades, astonished with how fluidly she converses about first Nietzche and then Derrida and then a draws upon them together to mine the subterranean layers of meaning and previously unconsidered ramifications of Chris McCandless's grain silo cleaning job in "Into the Wild".

Her mind's not worn. That's what you long for.

JBelle said...

Jesus Mary and Joseph. She's barely literate. And doesn't find politics interesting. Like most American people. And needs a hairdresser. NEEDS A HAIRDRESSER PEOPLE.