Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Three Beautiful Things 08/19/08: Foxtails Out, Paternal Pride, Jade Palace Carry Out

1. The vet calls the grass particles that wedge their way into Snug's paws foxtails. Snug had about six of them removed today, successfully. He's groggy, having been anesthetized. He's recovering.

2. I was enjoying a Cinnabon and a coffee at the Valley River Food Court this morning. I was wearing a Michigan State shirt. An elderly man hobbled over to me and asked if I went to Michigan State and then delighted me with the story of his daughter who went to med school there, practiced medicine for several years, and is now a professor at a med school he didn't mention. He glowed with pride.

3. Patrick came home. All three of the Deke's kids are home. This rarely happens. Our special food together is Chinese food from Jade Palace and we sat down at the table and enjoyed a buffet of Jade Palace delights.

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Desert Diva said...

I hope that Snug recovers quickly. I'll bet his paws are sore. :-(

I love it when little "incidental" conversations happen. It makes me feel hopeful when one can "connect" with virtual strangers.

Have a wonderful trip to Idaho!