Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Flowing Data: Numbers and Data Come Alive

Here's what the creators of the blog Flowing Data say about what they are up to:

We can use . . . data to understand more about ourselves and our surroundings as well as drive change. With this in mind, how can we help people realize the importance of the data around them? How can we use statistics to find meaning in our data? How can we provide and visualize this information to motivate action?

FlowingData explores these questions and highlights how statisticians, computer scientists, designers, and others are finding answers.

Flowing Data built a Beginner's Guide to Flowing Data, here.

I like these animations and graphics Flowing Data has created to make certain data come alive:

  • Watch the spread of Wal Mart stores in the USA, here.
  • Watch gasoline prices rise and fall from 1993 to now, here.
  • Here's a map of Olympic medals in bubble + geographic form, reflecting Athens, 2004.
  • Lastly, here is a short segment of the BBC program Britain from Above that shows data in action from the perspective of satellite technology:


Inland Empire Girl said...

Is this just something you came across in your evening blogging? Do they ever do a combined Flowing Date/approval matrix video? Now that would give me a headache.

raymond pert said...

I subscribe to Flowing Data on my Google Reader. If I find out of a merging of approval matrix and any kind of animated way to make the data even more alive through Flowing Data, you and JBelle will be the first people I contact.

Yeah. I know what you mean. Moving parts, cultural analysis, getting the references: I'd be overwhelmed, too!

BUT, it sure would be fun!

MarmiteToasty said...

Back at the beginning of the week, we watched a telly programme called Britain from the Air...... and it was all about the traffic and people movement and the shipping movement.... and the taxi movement in london and the ferry movement across the channel from our town....

and it used the above technology in the programme..... it was fasinating...... and how funny that you have it here on your blob....