Sunday, August 3, 2008

Have I Mentioned I Love Middle-Aged Women in Movies?

Well, I do.

In my previous listings, I forgot Allison Janney. Nice pre-Juno interview with her here.



Dean said...

Hi Raymond, just sent an evening with Lynnel Vetter, now Lynnel Wassmuth. She was a soprano in our NIC Choir and the Cardinal Corral. Lynnel was my dance partner in the 50's routine.

We talked about the "old days" of NIC and she asked about who I was in contact with. Your name came up when we talked about the Kellogg folks. Should try to get together some day, a reunion of sorts. Maybe sing Handel's Messiah or something.


Desert Diva said...

Gee, maybe I could do a career change. On second thought, I think I'll stick with my "day job." ;-)