Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Three Beautiful Things 08/25/08: Hearing Back, Wrinkles Gone, Slots Here

1. I was checking out at Albertson's several weeks ago and the youngster helping actually answered my question when I said, "How yooo doin'?" She told me about a double ear infection she contracted diving in a swimming hole up Fall Creek. I hadn't see her since and I was in her line this evening and asked her how her ears were doing and she's completely recovered. The turnaround occurred when she quit taking her antibiotics!

2. More wrinkles on my hand: the swelling is almost gone!

3. Oregon Lottery video machines have "The Big Easy" and "Free Game Frenzy", a couple of my favorite slot machines. I had no idea.

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Word Tosser said...

Now, Ray, I came here to find out how you got your hearing back, and got rid of wrinkles that you said were gone.As I sure could use advice on both of those..lol... nice post as always...