Tuesday, August 12, 2008

King Lear and Jesse Ventura

Katrina, my good blog friend over at the exquisite Notes on a Napkin wrote in response to my recent post detailing the wild dream I had about Jesse Ventura and plastic surgery, here, wrote this comment:

And I thought I had weird dreams! Maybe this is your subconscious mind warning you of the ills of plastic surgery. I hope you're not considering having any work done, RP. It would be the death knell for your acting career, for one thing. It's hard to play King Lear when your skin is stretched so tight you can't blink, let alone evince all the requisite wrinkles that a good Lear demands.

I love the thought of ever being able to play the role of King Lear, but I barely have the chops to play an attendant to Cordelia.

However, I did attend a Halloween party in 1995 as King Lear:


Inland Empire Girl said...

Boy, am I glad you aren't a PhotoShop Elements junkie. When I saw the title of your post I thought maybe you had morphed Jesse Ventura and you playing King Lear into another scary persona. You look a bit out of sorts anyway here as King Lear.... definitely lowbrow brilliant!

JBelle said...


I think there's a case for highbrow despicable. KING LEAR.

aw, c'mon!


Katrina said...

I love it! The angst, the regret, the haut forest couture--your Lear has it all!

Nita Jo said...

Great photos! The acting bug must run in your families veins!